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Scholarship Application Process - FAQ

Q:  What is the Michigan Women’s Tax Foundation?
A:  The Michigan Women’s Tax Foundation is a charitable organization that annually awards college scholarship to female student(s) interested in pursuing a career in taxation. The Foundation is overseen by the Michigan Women’s Tax Association.

Q:  When are applications due?
A:  The applications can be submitted as early as May.  The application must be submitted no later than September 30.  Submit today!

Q:  Is there anything I must submit with the application form?
A:  Yes.  The application process requires each candidate to submit the following with the completed application form:

Two letters of recommendation are required:
The first letter of recommendation should be provided by a guidance counselor, teacher or school official who is familiar with your academic work.
The second letter may come from a similar academic source, or from a personal contact (not a friend, classmate or family member) that has knowledge of your activities outside the classroom (e.g. extracurricular activities, community service work, work experience, etc.).
Attach a copy of a recent academic transcript from your college or high school, as applicable.

Submit a copy of your driver's license or state ID.

Q:  Where do I submit my completed application form and supporting documents?
A:  The application and documents are to be sent to the following email:
Due date is September 30.   
Q:  When is the scholarship awarded?
A:  The Foundation Committee will review and elect the candidate(s) after all applications have been received. The Committee plans to announce the winner(s) at the MWTA’s Annual Conference Event, as well as personally notify the winner(s).

Q:  How is the scholarship(s) paid?

A:  The scholarship will be paid directly to the college/university to be attended by the recipient(s) on behalf of the recipient(s).

Q:  How many scholarships are awarded?
A:  The Foundation is pleased to announce scholarships will be awarded annually: 1) The MWTF Annual Scholarship (one or two awards) for a total amount up to $6,000, and 2) The DKSS Scholarship in Memory of Sandra McCloud in the amount of $1,000.

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